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ELANBiz: Oportunidade de Negócios em Costa Rica


Opportunities for European industrial suppliers in Costa Rica

If your European company is a supplier for industries in food processing, fresh produce, packaging, automation and others (see list below), then you can have free access to the 5500+ business meetings at the Buyers Trade Mission (BTM) event in San José, Costa Rica on September 19 -22, 2017.

The Costa Rican Eurocámara and the trade promotion agency PROCOMER will be happy to cover 4 nights hotel for one participant from your company, food and local transport from/to airport. With almost 20 years consistently growing this event, PROCOMER has made the BTM a trademark event for making business deals in Costa Rica. You are also welcome to the free cocktails and dinners to network with more than 400 Costa Rican companies and 300 foreign companies.

The strengths of BTM are the customized business agendas with Costa Rican companies, according to your interests, by sharing your profile with the supplies you offer combined with the local supply requests. This means you will arrive at BTM with a previously made agenda for investing your time in what you are really interested.

BTM is a multi-sector event so you will see also have the chance to see at the exhibit the exportable offer of Costa Rica such as food processed products, fresh produce, private brand, ready to eat, frozen, packaging, among many others.

List of supply companies suggested:

  • Sorting machines/equipment
  • Process automation technological equipment
  • Machinery for irrigation and fertilisation control with specialised software
  • Agrometeorological systems (stations that measure wind speed, relative humidity, brightness level, etc.)
  • Freezing systems (IQF- Individual Quick Frozen)
  • Irrigation systems/ metering pumps with timer
  • Dosing- and- packing machine
  • Mixing equipment: food and feed mixers
  • Drying ovens
  • Tablets for sterilisation and disinfection (cooling/heating tanks)
  • Conveyor belts with optical readers to sort by size, colour and other characteristics
  • Fresh fruit sorting systems (sizers)

Participating companies will only have to pay for their airfare and personal expenses. The Costa Rican government will cover the specified room and food expenses for a limited number of European companies selected according to the registration criteria. For more information and program of the event, please visit, or contact EUROCÁMARA in Costa Rica at

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